Our Trees

We only sell non-drop Nordman Fir premium grade Christmas trees which are sourced from sustainable forests in Perthshire, part of the rich agricultural Scottish Highlands. The Nordman Fir has flattened needles which are flossy dark green on top with two blue-white bands of stomata giving it its signature two-tone depth.The height of the tree is measured from the base of the tree to half way up the leader (the vertical branch at the top).

Christmas Tree

Size & Price

(Price includes delivery)

4ft            £35

5ft            £45

6ft            £60

7ft            £75

8ft            £90

9ft            £105

10ft          £135

11ft          £160

12ft          £190

Christmas tree Stands

Christmas Tree Stand

Stand Prices

Small     (4ft)   -  £10

Medium (5-6ft)   -  £15

Large     (7-8ft)   -  £20

XL          (9ft+) -  £25

Christmas tree Set up

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 19.20.37.png

Set Up Prices


Up to 6ft  -  £5

Above 6ft - £10

(Getting the tree inside the house, in its stand and up straight ready for decorating)